Online Business Goals

Online Business Goals

If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business. – B.C Forbes


Nothing is easier than starting a business except failing with that business. Whether you have decided to start a brick and mortar busines or an online business the easy part will be starting the business. You can put up a website with a store front and call it a business in less than an hour. That is the easy part. The difficult part is designing a business that is built to last.


A business needs both short and long term goals. You need to understand not only how to start it, but how to maintain the business and the early momentum, if there is any, that you have achieved. I designed this website to help other online business people to find way to grow their businesses.

Let’s look at a few goals that you have started with.

Building a brand name so that your business will become known to the general public.

Reaching a broader customer base through advertising such as email marketing.

Earning money. I not sure that all of you are aware of the fact that most businesses exist to earn money. There primary goal is cash flow. It should first pay for its existence. It has to generate enough cash to cover hosting fees and the cost of domains and advertising. Next it need to put money in your pocket. The site that you are visiting right now has a number of ways that it covers the cost of its existence and this is not even a store site. This information site pays for itself through adsense revenue. Through commissions from those who have signed up for hosting packages through hostgator and purchased domains. It also puts money in my pocket through the sale of my ebooks. Ebooks are a fantastic way to generate extra income from the written content at your site.

My advice for you is to take a day and consider what are the core business goals of your website or online business. Work or refocusing those goals if you are not earning the cash flow that you believe that you should.

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