Online Business Selling

Online Business Selling

Who are you?
What do your sell?
What do you wish to sell?
If you operate an online business then I have news for you. You are a salesperson. Your job is to sell. It does not matter what you are selling. Selling is what you do. Some call it marketing and you can call it what ever you wish, but selling is what it will come down to.
You could spend the next few weeks or even months reading articles, watching videos and talking to those who have traveled this road before you. You can do all of these things, but in the end it will come down to you having to endure the learning curve of how to sell what it is that you believe in.
It could be information.
It could be books.
It could be digital downloads.
It could be tee shirts. Web Hosting $3.95

What it is does not matter nearly as much as that selling is the name of the game. You learn to do this by the act of engaging with the public. Social media, paid ads or email marketing. The path that you take does not matter nearly as much as that you do it each and every day. You show up to your online business as you would a brick and mortar business with two goals in mind. Find the customer and make that customer yours.
You came here to learn about running an online business. If you can not do the selling part nothing else matters. If you have ever watched Shark Tank you hear the same question over and over. What are your sales?


You have to sell to earn a living. The most amazing product on earth is worthless without this part of the processes. The iPhone is the greatest item in the history of sales. It sells itself at this point.
Perhaps you have something that will be bigger than the iphone someday, but you will never get rich if you do not master the art of selling first.

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