Riding the Amazon Wave

Riding The Amazon Wave

Many of you started your life as an online business person by selling items on Amazon or Ebay.
Some of you are just starting out and learning as you go. I would like to first tell you that Amazon is
a great place to get started. I suggest Amazon over Ebay because Amazon does not treat you as an employee. You are sort of an associate. A junior partner who can work their way up in the business.
Amazon is the number one online seller. They have won the online wars and you can use them to grow your own online business.

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Here is what I am suggesting. Whether you are just starting out or have been selling on their site for years there is something that many people have not considered. You can use them to market your own website. Every time that you deal with a customer you should include information about your business. You should offer discounts if they would visit your site directly. You can offer discounts for referring a friend. Remember that the goal is not just to get a single sale, but to build a relationship that will last for years.

You should try to make Amazon customers your customers.

You can make your Amazon customers your customers by including information about your website and discount offers with every item that you ship. You can also collect email addresses and use them for email marketing. Keep in mind that email marketing is the most cost effective advertising you can do. you will earn back at least twenty five dollars for every dollar that you spend.

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Running an online business is about both offering deals and making deals. It is about finding customers and making them yours. Money is not the goal it is a by product of the goal. Concern yourself with turning sales into customers and the rest will follow. You may never become as big as Amazon, but you can earn a great living for both you and your family.
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