Love Your Online Store

Do You Love Your Business?

-The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. – Debbi Fields

-“It is more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.”-

It is more fun to be the one who creates their own destiny rather than being the one who is controlled by it. As long as you run your online store your way you are in control. You will be the one who determines how your online store is run.

What I am getting at is that since you are going to be running your store then you might as well love the store that you are running. I hope that you have picked a sector that you enjoy. A business sector that you are enthusiastic about. If you have not then it will show through in everything that you do. You will get bored and from time to time do less than your very best. You will not give it your all.

Think of it this way you are in a relationship with this business. If you love this business you will treat it better. You will want to spend more time with it. It will be more of a joy and less of an effort to conduct business each day.

Ask yourself do you love the business that you are in. Do you enjoy coming to work at it each day?

If you do then I have no real advice for you. If you do not love it then I would suggest that you do one of two things. Either learn to love it or find a new line of work.

“But I have been at this for months or even years. I cannot go back to that 9 to 5 job I use to have. I have invested so much effort.”

Sure you did, but can you see yourself spending the next ten or twenty years working at this particular business? Running this store? You may think that you are too old to change, but people have changed jobs and opening new stores at all stages of their lives.

To love what you do is the heart of being a success at the business you are in. That love will translate into more effort. That love will translate in to time spent. That love will translate into making more money. If you are the best cheerleader for your business then it will have to make an impression on your customers.

Love what you do and your customers may grow to do the same.

Good luck and please take a moment to check out an offer I have selected for visitors to this site. It is free to try. The offer is for free business publications. Yes, people still actually read magazines. I picked up a magazine about blogging three years ago and here I am. I have half a dozen blogs that make money and two websites. I am just suggesting that you never know where that next new idea will come from. Someone will say something or you will read something and you are off down a road that may make you a great deal of money.

Good luck with your store and have a nice day.

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