Digital Supplies for Your Online Store

Supplies For Your Online Store

Did you ever think of using Digital products to supply your online store. Most of us started in the retail sector and those retail roots are hard to cut. We still think about selling in terms of physical items. Things that we can touch and package and ship.

Perhaps it is time to look at finding supplies for your online store in a whole new light. Perhaps you need to catch up with the digital revolution.

“But I don’t understand it. I do not know how it works.”

Really? You did not understand how this works, but here you are. The learning curve is not great. There are tutorials available. There are many sites and services that will provide these good. Just sign up and begin to market.

“But I don’t know how to market them. I do not know how to deliver them once they are sold.”

You do not have to and that is the cool part. You do not have to package or ship a digital product. You do not have to come into contact with it at all. You function as the retailer and the middle man. You collect payment as both and the wholesaler is the one who
delivers the digital product.

Sounds like stealing?

Sometimes on a very good day it feels like it.

Where do you get this products for your online store?

You could get some or all from a place like Clickbank.

Click bank is free to sign up to and to market their products. They do charge a fee for publishing and marketing your work, but that is another story for another day.

Or you could try a service like Payloadz. They offer eBooks, Music, and software. They allow you to sell their products and will be happy to help you sell your own items.  I will be using them to sell an ebook I am finishing on the topic of online marketplaces.

Payloadz 180 X 150

Good luck with your business guys. I hope to post again soon.

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