Learning Equals Better Earning
-I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.- Winston Churchill

-The most important thing I’ve learned since becoming CEO is context. It’s how your company fits in with the world and how you respond to it.-
Jeffrey Immelt

If we are lucky we are learning something new every single day. I was a child when I first heard the saying, there are things that you never knew that you never knew. That saying made me asked the obvious follow-up question.


The answer was simple. Because like most people, especially children, you think that you know everything so you stop asking questions. The smartest person in the room is not the person who sits back with their arms folded, nice crease in their pants, smug look on their face. Their universe is fixed. In their minds their knowledge rivals God’s and there is no point is discussing it. These people will never learn, never grow and never change. They may succeed in the short-term, but when called upon to adapt to new situations they will be lost.

Then there are the ones who look to tomorrow to act. Trust in the voice of all those who say it can not be done. It must not be attempt. Trying is not nearly as good as dreaming. These are the people who believe in destiny. Everything will work out for me because it is meant to be. We know these people. We see them everyday. Perhaps we work with people like this or live with people like this. There is only one word for these people. Fools. As long as they appear to be learning they equate this to learning. As long as they appear to be successful they equate this to actual success. You could spend a life time telling them about sacrifice and hard work and perseverance. All that you will get is a foolish look in response or worst the uttering of their favorite phrase, “Shut up.” Their goal will always be to end discussion, to end debate and to end the learning process.

The Snugg

If you have read this far then we can be confident that you are not either one of them. You want to learn. You sometimes feel the burning need to learn new things. You run an online business and there are so many areas where you may be losing business due to a lack of knowledge in a certain area. Perhaps you have not learned enough about social media and how it can aid your business. How you can use it to grow your business. Maybe you have not taken the time to learn more about list building or basic email marketing.

You run an online store, but you have never looked into selling digital goods or using affiliate marketing to add an extra income stream. The things that you do not know that you didn’t know are costing you money. Today would be a good day to change this. Please allow me to help you were I can.

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