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We have all heard for many years that our government waste too much money. That our tax dollars are going down an endless hole. With the bargains to be had at many government liquidation this appears to be true. They spend amazing amounts on money to buy high end and expensive items for any number of departments. The departments realize that they do not need them any more or to justify their existence need to re-order the same things each year. So it is out with the old and in with the new.

What happens to the old?

The government does what they call a liquidation. They put these expensive items up for sale to the highest bidder at an auction. The cool thing about this is that the highest bidder can be any one. It can be you. To start the new year they have dropped what an opening bid can be down to a mere fifty dollars. Buyers are getting thousands of dollars worth of resealable merchandise for as little as fifty to a hundred dollars.

This is a great deal for those who have built retails stores around these deals. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to develop a steady supply stream for their online business. Free Trial Membership

Signing up at Government Auction is free. You can browse the categories and see if they have inventory that fits your store model or one that you would like to create. Thousands of sellers are buying everything from surplus clothing to electronics at a liquidation price and making huge resale profits. Today I am suggesting to you that you visit them and see if anything from surplus vehicles to scrap metal, from cameras to computer software, might interest you.

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