Give Yourself A Job

Give Yourself A Job

-A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job. – Zig Ziglar


The economy has hit all of us hard and some of you very hard. Getting a job has become what seems like an endless journey. The more that you have looked the more discouraging it becomes.

For some, hope has turned to prayers and prayers to despair. It is a cycle that has repeated itself all over the country. No matter what the talking heads on cable news say about a great recovery taking place and things getting better you know that is not the case in the world that you live in.

The job hunt has to come to an end. You know what you are worth. You know what you are capable of. You beyond anyone else in the universe know what you have to offer a future employer.

My question for you is why don’t you become that employer. Hire yourself on a commission basis. In a way this is the way that most online businesses pay the bills and salaries. Most of the money I earn comes indirectly from Google and its Adsense program. People visit this or one of my other sites and they click on one of the Google ads that are placed on the site. Google gets paid for this and then they pay me.

In a direct way I place ads for companies on my sites. I offer information about the company’s product and if someone purchases that product I get a direct commission. This commission can be as low as fifty cents and as much as two hundred dollars.

Who hired me to do this job?

I did. I hired me. I was earning a solid living and still do as an online retail seller. I sell at online marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. That experience is why I created this site. I wanted to make it easier for people who do that to earn a living. I wanted to make it easier for them to get the things that they need to grow their business and their profits.

I have been told by some of you that I have done a fair job at that. In the process, thanks to some of you, I have grown this new business that I am into. This business where I earn commissions. Where I work on a commission basis.

How do you hire yourself?

First you will need an idea for what type of online business you wish to run. If it is online retail you will need to find a steady source of supply. That will cost you something to begin with. Just like stocking any store you will have to pay for inventory.

Or you could create a business that sells things that you do not have to pay for. You could sell digital items. They come in many forms such as ebooks, courses, music and software. Below is a video about one company that provides these types of products for your business. You job will be to market their products online. Many people earn a living doing this. A site like payloadz can help you find these products.

Payloadz 180 X 150

Next is a site that provides links for your site. You market these links and earn a commission. It is a good job to have and millions of people earn a living by working with Linkshare and other such commission sites.


You will need a place to set up shop. You can construct a free page to market from by putting together a Blog and You can sell merchandise from your blog. You can put up links and banner ads on your blog and collect Adsense their as well. It is a great place to begin to learn to build a money-making site.

You could buy hosting for your very own website. There is a full instructional page on this site. I would suggest that you visit it if you want to learn how to DIY your own website. The reason that you want to own your own website is that you get to create a name that you own. You will market this name and grow a following for a site that you have complete control over. You can add what ever you wish to the site. You can sell space on the site to paid advertisers. Paid ads can earn you a steady income if your site generates enough traffic.

Creating a job for yourself should be a consideration and if you already have a job does it hurt to have a second job online. If all you do is sell retail online would it hurt to add second income stream. Linkshare is free to sign up at and to use. They get paid when you get paid. This is mostly the case as well with Snagasale.

Okay that is it for today. Take a moment to bookmark this site and if you like this post please share it with a friend.

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