Ebay Suspended. Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship, Ebay Suspended

You have been suspended by Ebay or Amazon. You are shocked and do not know what to do.
How did this happen you ask?
The answer is that it happened and will continue to have to others like you because they missed the same thing that you missed. You missed the fact that you do not own the platform. You were sold a lie that you bought into. The lie was that the online business that you were building belonged to you. That you could support yourself and your family with the earnings from this magical online business. The amazing thing was that it worked like that for a while. Charlie Brown got to kick the football time and time again and then all of a sudden the dream ended and you are reading this.

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How do I get back on the ship that threw me off you are wondering.
I would rather not help you to do that.
You could do that for a while,but it will happen again. Why be a sharecropper when you can own the farm. I know that all of your working life has prepared you for working for a paycheck. That working for someone else (a Boss) is all that you know. If you want to break away from that and become the one who is truly in charge then we can continue.
When you say my business wouldn’t it be nice if that was actually true.

Today I would like you to come up with a name for your own business. Your website that will earning you much more than you ever did on Ebay or Amazon. Make it a nice and easy to remember name that you can condense into a website name and a domain name. Then you are going to purchase the domain name and build a website.
Today come up with a domain name like Amazon and Ebay did and tomorrow you will build a website to call your own.
Thank you for visiting this site and good luck with your website.



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