When you formed your online business you thought that business itself was the category that you were entering into. If your business has not generated any real money this is because you do not as of yet understand that your idea of category is too broad. The category has to be your end focus because in the end category is everything. Web Hosting $3.95

You need to refocus your business. You need to take a few hours or even days to examine what it is that you are really trying to sell online and attack it.
You need to define the category.
You then need to advertise in that category.


You need to tell everyone that this is your category if you wish to dominate that category. Burger King sells burgers. KFC sells chicken. Pizzahut sells pizza. They have identified the sub-category that they exist in within the fast food restaurant industry as a whole. Come to us for burgers, come to us for chicken, come to us for pizza. They may sell other things and those other things may very well be where the profit is, but they get the customer through the door by pushing category and in turn dominating it.

You must first define who you are and what it is that you are marketing. By doing this one thing you will grow your online business by leaps and bounds.  If your business is not growing and adapting over time then you will find that it is dying. A business should be thought of as a living and breathing thing. Focus on the life of your business.

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