Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Online Store’s Hosting Service

Setting up an online store is no easy task, and from website development to product stocking the entire process can carry a lot of variables. However, amid the tumult and long to-do list associated with this process, it can be easy to forget or underestimate one of the most important components: proper web hosting. Finding reliable, simple, and high-volume web hosting is essential for any e-commerce website, as these websites have to regularly deal with high volumes of customers and extensive product catalogs. Many unsuspecting startups become doomed to failure due to cheap or lacking hosting plans, as their web host is unable to process the many tasks and users present on the website. There are a number of factors to consider, and ignoring even one of them may be the death of your online store.

Development Tools

For web-savvy website owners, this issue is less of a consideration, as manual coding or exterior applications can suffice for the actual website development. However, for those not well-versed in HTML, CSS, and Java, it is important to find a service with high-quality development tools and applications. HostGator and GoDaddy have some of the best developer tools around, and should please beginners and experts alike with their high-quality website building tools.


It is absolutely essential that your hosting service have high uptime. Every minute your website is down is lost revenue, and users are unlikely to return if they can’t initially connect to your website. Try to find a service with at least 98% uptime, and always check reviews for this factor.

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Storage and Memory

The actual hardware of the provider’s servers is also extremely important. For an online store, you are probably going to need a relatively high amount of storage, and extremely capable memory and processors in your web server. Check the specifications and capacity of your hosting plan, as cheaper options will typically not have everything you need in this regard!

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