Doing Business is About Getting There First

Doing Business, Getting There First

-The first man to the oyster bed gets all the pearls, the next one gets nothing but shells.-

Being first in all things is not always the best policy, but usually it is. Someone was first to come up with the idea of an international auction site to be used by anyone and everyone, Ebay. There have been many copycat sites and some of them actually do a better job of it than Ebay, but because they were first and had built such a head start it will be years before their spot at number one will be challenged.

Being first at doing something leads many customers to believe that because you got there first, that you invented the niche you must be the best at it and for those who wish to compete with you it will be up to them to convince consumers otherwise.

Being first gives your business an advantage. Black Friday is just a few weeks away and look at how many businesses maneuver each year to be the first to open. The first with the biggest sales offer. First to get you into their shop or store. Even if the consumer does not buy anything that day it still gives this business the advantage of setting the price point. Best Buys or Target has set the price. The customer runs all over town checking out other sale prices, with that original price always in mind. After two or three days they are back where they started and they are making a purchase. Running an online business or online store is no different. Reach the customer first with the best deal and they will come back to you sooner or later.

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To be first does not mean that you will be a success anymore than scoring the first touch down in a game does, but it does give you an advantage. Find a way to be the first one to offer your customer what they are looking for. Stores spend millions of dollars each year sending out sales circulars. They do this because it has been proven to work. They fill the pages with items from all departments in hopes that the potential customer will see something that they must have and they will have to come by their store. Once they are inside the game is on.

You can and should do the same thing. Find out who your
customers are. Build a list of them. Collect existing names and emails of those whom have done business with you in the past and then be the first one to contact them. Tell them about that item or service you have to offer. Keep doing it. Keep offering invitations for them to come into your store or visit your site and sooner or later you will see your sales increase.

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