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Leading the Way

Some of us work alone and others work with a team or group of people. This largely depends upon the size of your business and its needs. Perhaps during only certain times of the year you will hire people to help you out.

Once you have these people what happens next?

Some will hope that they just sort of pick up a clue here and there and some how find a way to pitch in.

Others will bark orders none stop. Napoleon will have nothing on this warehouse dictators.

Some will lead by handing out list of things to do and still other will try to lead by example.

Here is some basic advice.

A leader should always be responsible. Take full responsibility for what happens on your watch. If things go well it is thanks to the group or team effort. If things go wrong for what ever reason in the end it comes down to you.

Be responsible.

Own it.

This is your chair and for better or worst people are going to blame you anyway so you might as well be a stand up guy.

Be the most enthusiastic person in the room. Hey this is your business, this is your project and if you are not its number one cheerleader who is going to be? The guy getting paid minimum wage?

A leader must be competitive. Love to compete. If you do not I suggest you learn to love it. Your energy will spread. If you are passive your workers will pick
up on that energy. While if you are competing and aggressive they will be do.

Imagine that you are the lead of a pack. There is money to be made out there. It is waiting to be taken and all you have to do is hustle out there and get it.
Tell me what kind of pack is a passive go along to get along, it is all good, it is all okay type of leader, driving? A pack of doves. A pack of snails? A pack of turtles?
A pack of gum that is waiting to be chewed up by the competition and spit out.

Try to achieve something like a sense of competitive anger. Controlled anger (no yelling and screaming and
flipping over cars like the incredible Hulk), but still a kind of anger that they job is not getting done faster or better or more efficiently. This type of leader leads a pack of wolves. A pack of lions. A pack of Huns storming the gates of Rome.

“Hey, you are getting a bit carried away. I sell stationary. I sell flowers. I market ebooks. I repair dolls.”

Does not matter. All that matters is how you do it and how well you do it. Become a good leader and you will become a better business man.

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