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Being able to do business at many of the e-commerce sites is a good thing, but if you are one of us who have received the dreaded suspension and or restriction then you well aware of the little known truth that whether it is Ebay or Amazon or Ecrater that store you operate does not really belong to you. At any given moment you can be fired. They will call it something else, but when you are no longer allowed to sit at your desk and conducted daily business or collect a paycheck I would call that being fired.

If you have your own website you are officially your own boss. It feels really good to be your own boss. You might ask, “well why don’t I go and sign up for one of those free websites”. Good place to learn the basics about templates and widgets, but at the end of the day this site does not belong to you unless you buy a domain and a hosting package. The company that provides the free website can change the rules or go out of business leaving you and all the work that you put in high and dry.

How about I pay fifty to three hundred dollars to have someone make me a website?

Hey it is your money. Do with it what you wish, but what if you want a second and third site. Are you going to pay someone else to do what you can learn to do yourself? And guess what? Once you have learned how you can do it again and again.

Okay, how much are you going to charge me?

Nothing, but if you want to send me a donation someday I will take it and spend it.

Why are you going to help me for nothing?

Because I spend six months learning through trial and error how to do this and no one would help me without asking for money in return. This help that I am going to offer you is my way of paying those guys back.

Let’s get to work.

It will take an hour to learn. I will be leaving you with a video tutorial that will walk you through it. Here are the basics. You will need two things. A domain and web hosting.

You will get your domain from Godaddy.


Because they are the cheapest. Get a .COM, .NET, .INFO, what ever suits your business model best. Check online for the discount codes, they will save you another 10-30 percent on your purchase. Buy that domain and go get some web hosting.

What is hosting.

Your domain is your home. Hosting is the street that it is located on. You will get your hosting at Hostgator.

Why Hostgator?

Again they are cheap and really good. Get the baby plan, that is the second least expensive. Why? Because you can add more domains here later and that will mean more profit in the long run. Once you have added your domain to your hosting you will get WordPress (do not worry, WordPress is free) and use it to construct your site.

I do not know coding. I do not know how to do any of that. Stop yelling, neither do I. Watch this tutorial once to see if you can follow it and then go back to the beginning and get the domain and hosting as the tutorial guides you through the set up.

Hope to hear from each of you soon.

As a bonus I thought that I would add a second tutorial on building your installed WordPress site.



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