Business Success, The Measure

Business Success, The Measure

“I never fail. It’s just that the people around me succeed more than I.” – Carroll Bryant

You only have to live up to your standards of success. Others will spend time comparing you and your business to those around you, but this does not mean that you have to. Yes you are competing with other businesses, but you do not have to measure up to their standards. This is your business. You started it for a reason. You had a goal in mind for how much you wanted it to grow and how quickly. You had financial goals. You had targets in the area of sales and traffic. Your online business is your baby and no one else should be allowed to dictate how you are going to raise this baby.

I am not telling you to have no standards. I am telling you to have your own standards. I was once in a relationship with someone who constantly compared my progress as a businessman to others. I was pleased with my slow, but steady progress. My business was growing at the rate that I had expected. There were good days and bad days. I had expected this, but they had not. They had expected my business to be booming. For it to be a finish product in a matter of a few weeks when I knew when I started my online business was going to take more than a year to reach the level that I had envisioned. That relationship ended because of expectations. The good news is that I was right and now am very pleased with the level at which my online business has reached.

Do not allow others or the world at large to put undo pressure on you. Business is difficult enough without the added voices constantly whispering you are not moving fast enough. You are not making enough money. Block out these voices and keep moving forward. No matter what you have to keep your eye on your prize and not theirs.

Good luck with your business and please take a moment to share this post with others. I have a traffic goal for this month and I can not reach it without you guys telling others about my site.

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