Business, Changing Your Ways

-You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.-

We must change and constantly alter the way that we do business to stay ahead of the competition. While always being aware that the competition is not just those who we are aware of, but those who are just starting out. They have probably looked at business such as yours and have entered the marketplace with new ideas and a willingness to exploit all the new business technologies that are available.

The problem with running a business that has been around for a while is that the greatest obstacle to change is success. If you have enjoyed a little success then you will be the one most reluctant to change.

I understand, why change something that is working for something that may or may not work better? Why employ the use of new marketing tools?



The answer to this is obvious. They work. Marketing techniques like social marketing and email marketing work. Email marketing returns over twenty-five to one on every dollar invested. Social marketing is a fantastic way of growing your business and building a brand name. Getting to know a customer on a one to one basis can really help your business over the long-term. When you really know a customer and stay in constant contact with a customer they become yours. Your customer, a customer who will advertise your business by telling others about your business. Telling about the qualities of your goods and services.

If this is not happening with your business then you need to make some changes. Go back to the beginning. Look at the business that you wanted to run and then examine how close you have come to building that business. What changed? Where did your go off course and why?

What good choices did you make and what wrong turns did you take?

Business, where it is brick and mortar or an online business, is about growth and change. Look at your business as a living thing and if a living thing is not constantly growing and changing then it is dying.

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