Good Business In Not About Luck

Business Is Not About Luck


“Luck is what happens  when preparation meets opportunity.”-Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Maybe you have heard it said or even thought it yourself, If I get lucky my business will make more money.

Luck is what we make for ourselves. Luck is not magic. Luck is being prepared for that moment when hard work and planning meets with opportunity. We do not stumble over new business. We do not have new and loyal customers fall into our laps. Those new customers to our online businesses are something that we have planned for. We found ways to reach them and better yet got our existing customers to bring them in for us. We have provided great services which the existing customer has told others about. We have supplied world-class goods which the existing customer has told others about. When the new customer arrived to our store front we were ready to greet them. Ready to provide what they needed and sometimes what they did not know that they needed. You  held onto their basic information after the first transaction and then found ways to market to them over time and by doing this you created a repeat customer.

What I am telling you is not something new. It is something that the experience of others have taught us all over time. You are going to have to work hard, but before this you are going to have to learn how to work smart. Wasted effort is worst than no effort at all. Wasted efforts kills time and time is the one thing that can never be replaced.

To grow your online business you are going to have to learn new methods. You are going to do some trial and error testing and then you are going to put into action what you have learned. The hardest part of this is just making up your mind to do it. Every great achievement in life usually begins with a simple choice made.


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