The Passion That Drives Your Business

The Passion That Drives Your Business

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” -Jon Bon Jovi

Businesses are the world’s most hidden love stories. The ones that endure over the long term are those businesses, whether online or brick and mortal, that are the great loves of the owner’s lives.

How often has it been said that you are married to that business or that business is your baby?

This is why businesses fail for the same reason that marriages fail. They fail because the ones involved are just going through the motions. They are phoning it in rather than committing to doing their very best each and every day. This is the case of once you have him or her you start to take them for granted. They or in this case your business will always be there, but just like in any other type of relationship it is a thing that evolves over time. You have to adjust day by day. Adding new elements and removing those that hinder growth.

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For the last few months I have taken my online business for granted. The websites like this one I have hardly touched. I allowed them to run on autopilot. That was part of the original design and I am proud to say that they were able to survive on their own and send money home each week, but they have not grown. Like any other relationship only with care and attention can growth continue.

Today I would like for you to take a few minutes to look at your business. Try to be honest with yourself. Answer the hard question and accept the answers that come back. Are you and your business in a thriving loving relationship or is the relationship on the rocks?

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