The Business of Choosing Content

The Business of Choosing Content

One of the questions that comes up most often is why do I write about the things that I do.

In other words, how do you select content for your website?

The answer is that need dictates content. When I need something for one of my websites I find a service that can provide this and then I test drive it. Of course there are things like hosting that I had to do some heavy trial and error with before making a selection. My first real website that I owned was this one. I purchased this domain name cannonexcel7 from the best domain provider in the business, Godaddy. They were having one of their sales and I brought two domain names at the price of 2.99 each. At the time I thought that once you had a domain name you were set. I knew next to nothing about hosting and that was a problem that took months to work through. I asked a ton of questions. I talked to tech support at Godaddy and watched a bunch of instructional videos on Yolutube. After all of that I ended up not using Godaddy for my hosting. I used Hostgator and I still use Hostgator to this very day. They are the best at providing hosting for a domain and their customer service is twenty four hours a day and all questions are answered without the usual attempts to up-sell. They allow me to build as many wordpress websites that I can provide content for and they do this for less than ten dollars per month.

When running a business cost certainty is extremely important. You have to not only know your numbers, but be sure that those numbers will remain constantly for at least twelve months ahead. Hostgator did that for my businesses.
That is the reason that a great deal of the content that I write is dedicated to Hostgator and Godaddy and the services that they provide. In other words I promote their businesses because my business would not exist without them. You would not be here reading this without the skill and quality of service provided by those two companies. There will be companies and services that make it easy for you to do business. Someday, maybe many years down the road you will thank them for being there with what you needed when you needed it most.

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