Other Online Marketplaces

Other Online Marketplaces

Perhaps up until now you have only sold inventory on Amazon and Ebay. Those markets are getting tighter and with more and more rules and performance numbers to reach each quarter these market places are making it harder and harder on the seller.

Some would say that means that it is time to look for a few new marketplaces to move your inventory. The first marketplace you should investigate is one created and owned by you. Having your own website is a good business move. Even if you sell at other sites having a site that you can send customers to is good for your long-term survival. There have been many top sellers at Amazon and or Ebay that woke up and found that through no fault of their own that their accounts had been restricted or suspended. A problem that could be worked through and overcome, but the loss of business can not easily be made up for. The one thing that can never be replaced is time. Having your own site means that you can go one no matter what may happen with the sites that you normally work at.
Next thing you should do is look into expanding to other sites. There are many sites out there where you can list items. Sites such as Ioffer, Sell.com, Etsy, Ecrater and Ebid.

eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees

Most sites are free to join and list. Some like Sell.com and Webstore require a small fee to join, but usually it is worth it. Research them and visit them.

Okay that is it for today. Good luck with your business.

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