Getting Started, Part 1

Getting Started, Part 1

I forgot that some of you are here for the first time. That some of you do not have your business off the ground yet. You are just getting started.

Do not worry, it is not that difficult to start an online business or service. You do it the way most things are done, one step at a time. You figure out what you want your business to do for you and what it will take for that business to provide this.

If it is a regular cash flow or long term security it will be up to this business to do that for you.

You are going to need a base of operations. Some place to hang up an open for business sign. Online we do this at an existing website or at our own website. If you are starting out I would suggest that you use sites like Ebay or Amazon or Ebid to learn the basics. And then move on to building your own site.

Why do I need a site of my own?

Because it is yours. You own it. You can not be removed from it or fired from it or suspended from it. You can not have the rules change on you because you set the rules of operation there. You will not have to pay sellers fees at your own site. You will not have to compete with others undercutting your prices at your own site.

How do I build my own site? They are difficult to put together. I can barely turn on a my computer.

I understand. It took me almost two years to learn all that I needed to learn before I built this site. Now I teach others. You can visit the DIY section of this site and follow the tutorials there. It is so much easier than you think.

If not you could always try the service below. They can do it for you and offer 24 hour 7 day a week help with any and all questions that may come up.

250x250 - Yola - Smart Websites for Small Businesses

Again, why do I need my own site if I am going to run an online business or store?

The final answer is freedom. You will be free to make it or fail on your own. You will be free to grow at your own pace and control your own future. Freedom is always worth what ever it takes to achieve it.

Good luck and remember us on stumbleupon and Google plus.

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