Compete to Win

Lessons from the Summer Games

A few years ago the US realized that if it did not alter its approach to certain events in the Olympics it was going to continue to lose ground to countries like China. (Yeah, losing ground to China seems to be a national theme lately.)

China saw a chance to own the medal count by dominating certain new events where they could rack up multiple medals while in these same events the US would win none. Fringe diving and gymnastics events. A few swimming events as well. It took us a while to realize this and a while longer to adjust to this. The adjustment took probably 4 years longer than it should have due to the fact that it was done as a national team adjustment rather than done by athletes on an individual basis.

What I am suggesting to you is that you are in a constant competition. You are competing with every single business that offers the same services or sells the same types of products as you. The moment you realize this and adjust to it the better. The moment that you understand the fact that you have to change and grow and adapt. That there are businesses out there that would love to see you lose this competition. Not because they hate you or want to see your family starving, it is as said in the Godfather, it’s just business.

The question for today is what are you gonna do to grow and change your business? What new services will you try to help you gain an edge over the competition? In what ever business we have chosen we are all targets to some extent. What I am suggesting is that it is always harder to hit a moving target.

It is time for you to go out and get new tools and learn new skills to compete and win. If you can not win by out working your competition find a way to out market them. If do not have the resources to out spend your competition then you can always out tech them. If you can drive more business through advertising and social media then do it. If they are better at that than you then go out a find a service that can help you win. If they have a technological edge over you then either find a way to overcome this or get some help to do this.

If you do not do this then I promise you that someone who you are not yet aware of is doing it to you.

Compete to win.

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