Trying New Things

Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves — to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.” Stewart B. Johnson


Why try new things?

This argument comes up as often when things are going well as when things are going badly. Why try new things, everything is running smoothly. This is the don’t rock the boat model of running a business.

I understand it and have fallen prey to it far too often. I spent the first half of my career as an online business person specializing in selling media. Hard media in the form of books, dvds and blurays. Anyone who has or still earns a living in this area can tell you that this industry peaked around 2008 or 2009 and it has been in decline since then. The reason for this is advancements in technology. VOD or video on demand and digital downloads of all types of media has impacted those who sell standard media. If you are having trouble understanding this look at the shape that your local news papers are in. The digital world is replacing old media and those of us who were slow to adjust watched our businesses go into decline.

The other side of the rock the boat coin are those who believe that if hey alter course that bad will go to worst. Thinking like that is borderline insanity and will be the death of your business. Change and adapt when things are going both well and do it with a greater sense of urgency when things are going badly.

If your online business is to grow you are going to have to make changes. Find new sources of supply to meet a demand that you are not even aware of yet. You are going to have to find new ways to reach your customers if your business is going to maintain its market share yet alone grow. With each post this month I will offer a link to a company or service that can help your business grow. Visit their sites and try their trial offers. Some may prove to be necessary for your day-to-day operation. Others maybe discarded after a day or two.

I would like you to check out this company, they can help you create and manage forms and emailing list. Why do I need such a company you ask? Well why do the business that do seven or eight figures in business online spend so much time having visitor fill out forms and gathering email addresses? The answer is that it is good for the long-term growth of their business.

Good luck with your online store and or business and remember the number one rule of those who have created a successful business is don’t be afraid to fail. After all how many planes did not take off before the first one did, how many cars did not start and how many phones never rang before someone was able to say “hello no, you
dialed the wrong number.”

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