Hosting and Domains

Why Hosting?

Why do you need hosting?

If you were a visitor to an unfamiliar country would you wish to aimlessly wander the streets or would you want to have a host. Would you want to stay with someone who lives there? Someone who knows the language? Someone who can show you around? Someone who could help you solve what ever problems came up?

If the answer is yes, then my question is why have you planned to spend much of your time on the internet and to perhaps earn a living there, but have totally over looked the need for hosting?

Look at it in these terms. Your domain name is like a street address. Your hosting is the actual land that the house or apartment building exist upon. Your domain is mobile like a mobile home. You can drive it from host to host if you choose. I am here to suggest a host or two and the reasons why.

First the hosting site that I am going to be suggesting is Hostgator.

Why Hostgator?

I use them. I have tried others and they have proven to be the best so far. They are there to answer questions 24 hours a day seven days a week. Their pricing is good and they are super easy to navigate. Unlike too many other hosting sites they are not there to try to sell you something every five seconds. They are not my only choice they are just my first choice. I am a fan of buying your domain name from GoDaddy and getting your hosting at Hostgator because I believe that you should always use your assess where they are strongest.

Godaddy is strongest at selling Domain names. They are the best and they have great sales and discount codes online everyday of the week. Hostgator for the reasons listed previously. If you disagree I will be more than happy to listen to your reasons why I am wrong. I am not a politician, I am willing to hear about any and all the mistakes that I have made.

Good luck and go get some hosting.

Domain Name Game

Before you go out and get hosting you are going to need a domain name. This is the face that you will show to the rest of the world. Picture it this way you are Clark Kent and your domain name is Superman. It is what you are going to be called online. This is not necessary the name of your site, but it the home that it will always occupy. For instance my site is titled Supplies for your Online Store, while my domain name is cannonexcel7. The dot info is the heart and soul of my domain. It could have been a dot-com or dot net or dot org or dot biz. We pick which it will be based upon pricing and upon what our site actually offers. If I sold things I probably be a dot-com or a dot biz.

Get going with GoDaddy!

This choice is up to you however if you are only going to have one site I would
suggest that you go with a dot-com.


Dot com covers all the bases. It is universal.

The name you pick is important as far as what keywords you are trying to promote and or your product. If you sell a certain type of software you want that software as part of the domain. Why? Because it makes it easier to search for you and to find you. Some people will find you by accident because they have typed in that product name and there you are on Google. This is also important if you are building little niche sites that are there to promote something very specific and although do not produce tons of search traffic this product does offer a great profit.

There are tons of places to pick up your domain name at a low-cost. I would suggest going with the biggest and most popular. That would be Godaddy. They are super quick and have a discount deal almost every day of the week. On your first order you could save anywhere between 10 to 30 percent off. If you need more help with this I have included a great instructional video that will walk your through the purchase of your domain, setting up hosting and then putting together you WordPress website.

Good luck with building your first of many websites.





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