Doing Business After Ebay

Today will be a quick talk about ebay.

Most, if not all of us, began life as an online seller at Amazon or Ebay. I learned a great deal there and I have to admit that if not for their business practices I might not have ever grown as an online business person. I might have stayed there, happily selling. Believing that I was actually in business for myself rather than being nothing more than an employee of the company.

So many of us who have moved on to build our own online businesses have done so because of ebay suspensions or restrictions. I wish I knew what I know known when I started. I am going to offer you guys a few pieces of advice and it your take this advance then you will be prepared for the day that ebay or Amazon changes the rules and you become a victim of these changes.

First thing that you need to do is learn to keep proper records. Keep the names addresses and emails of every single customer who purchases from you. This is list building.

Secondly you need to build yourself a website. A website that mirrors Amazon or Ebay. A website that features all the items or services that you have to offer. This website is your actual business and your job from that point on is to feed it new customers and to do everything possible to retain the existing customers.

Government Auctions

The third thing that you must do is to grow your business through adding new products and services to your business. The best way to do this is to visit sites like, government and varies wholesale overseas sites such as

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