Do you Sell Books?

Book Trouble?

You are a book seller?

Maybe on Amazon?

You get most of your supply from thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales? This is the way many get their books, but is it the best way?

You wish that you could find more books at a wholesale price?

I think that I can help you. I have been am Amazon book seller for a well and once I got the hang of it I need to find better ways to get inventory.  Through trial and error I have a few places to suggest.

At you can get books at lower than wholesale prices. You can buy books in bulk. They even have a number of books that have been autographed by the authors ( a great resell point). The available titles update about every two weeks. I have made a nice profit by dealing with them. Click below to visit them.

50 titles 50% off selection, updated every 2 weeks is a great place to get new and used text books at a price that makes it good for reselling. They have a vast selection. They offer new books, ebook and used books. If you have text books that you wish to sell you can sell them to It is a place worth visiting and to see if they have something that you have been looking for. We all know that text books is still a big market.


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Deep discount textbooks,
reference, general reading.
New or Used. Buy or Sell.
Great prices, Great service.

About Ebooks

The growing part of the online book selling industry is the world of Ebooks. The profit margin in this area is much greater due to the fact that you do not have to spend money to ship them. These ebooks travel in the form of digital downloads. A customer buys a ebook from you and either you or the service that you work with sends them the book in as a digital file.

Sounds good?

It is why Clickbank is such a huge part of the online marketing industry. With the Kindle and Pad revolution digital downloads are the future of the book industry. If you do not get in on this area of the business you will sooner or later find yourself left behind.

The other cool part about ebooks is that you can write them and sell them yourself. Being both the writer and distributor means that you keep most if not all of the money generated. A very popular e-book can generate five to six figures. That is a lot of money for the writer.

“But I can’t write a book. Those things are huge.”

Not really. Ebooks are as short as five thousand words and begin to run out of steam in the 30,000 word territory. Most e-book books are non fiction and they function as courses and or lessons. No one wants to read something as long as War and Peace on their iPhone. So if you decide to write one think in terms of twenty to one hundred pages. Good luck whether you write your own book or sell those written by others.

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