Getting Suplies Close To Home

Stocking Your Online Store

If you have reached a level where your online business is now running so well that you are low on stock.  You have gotten the hang of selling on Ebay or Amazon, one of the other online markets or even your own website, but the closet and cabins are running low on things. You have tried closeout sales, thrift stores and flea markets, but they do not provide the items needed to earn a living.  I have been where you are and am willing to offer you some help and advice on getting supplies for your online store.

I am not going to talk about drop shipping, it does exist, but I have found it to be more trouble than it is worth.  I will not mention get rich quick.  If you want to do that then buy a powerball ticket.  If you want to do this then you are going to have to work hard.  Do some research and develop some business relationships.

Okay let’s start at the beginning.  Most of us started on Ebay.  We learned the basics there.  Many of you still work there.  Whether it is Ebay, Ecrater, Ioffer, Amazon or your own site this is still a good place to start.  We are going to use Ebay to supply your store.

Dollar Days Wholesale Products

There is a little known secret about Ebay.  It is like the stock market, you can buy low, hold on to a item and sell high. It will not take long.  We are talking weeks, not months.  There are certain items that this works well with.  I am not going to send you out to buy lots.  I believe that lots are mostly a waste of time.  You are going to go to new listings.  You are going to go to buy it now and this is where the gold is found.  You are going to look for cell phones and cameras.  You can try this with other types of items, but I will talk about what I know.  People need money quickly sometimes and they can get more on ebay than at a pawn shop.  You can find a camera that would sell for eight hundred, listed buy it now for five ninety-nine.  You buy it, put it up for a seven-day auction and make a two hundred-dollar profit.    Some will be eighty dollar profits and others will be thirty.  But a thirty dollar profit is still a profit.

Do your research carefully and buy it now deals can be a nice starting point to find stock for your online store.

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