Restocking By Using Craigslist


Restocking Using Craigslist

The concept is similar to the one that I suggested for Ebay. You want to visit Craigslist with a list of items that you have in mind. Basically what you specialize in selling on Ebay or Amazon at your own Website. You are looking for let’s say cameras or cell phones. The prices here will be listed for less usually than at Ebay or Amazon because these will be cash sales. You are going to have to meet the person and pay cash for what every you are going to be buying.

Words of caution here. Be careful. I repeat be very careful. Cash purchases come with risk. Thoroughly check what ever item it is that you are buying. Secondly be careful where you agree to make the deal. Do not agree to meet in homes or apartments or parking lots or dark alleys. Meet in as public a place as possible. Be safe and not sorry. Restaurants are good places to meet. Just remember to always be careful.

Now what we are doing here is buying things that we can resale for a higher price at Ebay or Amazon. The reason that this is possible is because the seller needs the money faster than they would get it from selling online. They need the cash and there have been times when we all need cash now.

Find your item. Let us say that it is a camera, a DSLR, and contact the seller hopefully by phone. Agree to the price. Hopefully you can get them to come down a little, (usually you can) agree to meet and go and get your item. Now you have just paid 450 for a camera that you can resell on Amazon or Ebay for upwards of 600 – 700 dollars. Even if it is only a 150 dollar profit you can probably do this five or six times a week and that is just one type of item. If you are willing to hustle a little you can start to put together some nice returns on investment.

It will not be easy, but if it was then everyone would be doing it. Out of each hundred people who read this perhaps ten of you will try it one and out of them only two or three will stick to it and start turning over a real profit.

I will now leave you with a basic video tutorial that I ran across on this very subject. Please feel free to visit this persons site


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