Heard About Liquidation.com?

Supplying Your Online Store, Liquidation.com

This is the biggest of the liquidation sites and the best.  It has something for almost every type of online store.  For those of you familiar with ebay you will find the bidding system here easy to understand.  The difference is that you can not steal auctions here during the last few seconds, they will automatically extend until the bidding is over. There are some listing which are fixed priced and some with sealed bids.  You can resupply your store here depending on what you sell and your skills at finding good deals.

The lots sold here are listed by condition.  New, shelf pulls, returns and salvage.  Be careful of the salvage.  If you are skill in electronic or computer repairs these lots could work out well. I believe of all the categories the clothing offers the best chance to load up on quality stock at a low-cost.  Keep in mind that despite all the hype about selling electronics online the best-selling category is clothing. If you do not mind waiting for your profits you can buy a liquidated lot of winter apparel and have them ready for next year.  Taste in clothing may change a great deal from decade to decade, but this winter season will look mostly like the next winter season.  There are year round items like lots of jeans and or shoes.
If you sell games and or systems this is a great place to get store returns.  Also a way you shop for yourself and or friends.  A while ago I wanted a Playstation 3 system.  I picked up a lot of 5 systems, I had hit profit on the order after selling 4 of them and kept the 5th one for myself.  In other words I go mine for free if you do not count the week it took to sell the others and it was well worth the effort of putting up a few listings.

Books and pet products are good as well.  Most of us who have been book sellers realize that you will not get rich selling books, but it can provide a steady cash flow. You know your business better than I do, so whether it is cell phones or power tools or shoes there is something for everyone here.

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